Board meetings Visitors Guidelines

Thu December 12, 2013

Thank you for attending the Board of Commissioners Meeting of the Downers Grove Park District. To assist you in participating in the Park Board Meeting, please review the following information:

  1. All Meetings of the Park District are open to the public.  Meetings are generally held the first and third Thursday of each month, beginning at 7:00 PM, at Lincoln Center or the Village Council Chambers.  Meeting dates and times do change, so please call the Park District office at 963-1304 to verify the meeting schedule or visit the Park District web site at  (see “Meetings”)
  2. Regular Meetings are formal sessions of the Downers Grove Park District Board of Commissioners.  The Park Board President is the presiding officer.  Roberts Rules of Order related to parliamentary process are generally utilized.
  3. Public comments regarding any Park District business are welcome under the Visitors sections of the Agenda.  At the appropriate time, the President will ask if there are any comments or questions from the visitors.  If you wish to speak, simply raise your hand to be recognized.  After acknowledgment from the President, please stand and state your name and address before proceeding with your question or comment.  (If a microphone has been set up, please approach the microphone.)  Comments should be addressed to the Board and not to the audience.  If you wish to talk with another member of the audience, please leave the room.
  4. Please limit your remarks to five minutes, if possible.  Please do not ask a question for which you need an immediate response or attempt to enter into a debate.  After public comment, an elected official may or may not respond to your question.  Questions are often answered immediately in subsequent discussions during or after the meeting, or at a later date.

The Park Board thanks you for your participation and appreciates your attendance.